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Following The Leader Auto Fix It

Following The Leader Auto Fix It




Have you ever traveled in a caravan following several cars? Everyone was assuming the person leading knew their destination. After you circled the block several times, you began to doubt that they knew. Then, you saw them get out of the car to ask directions. You had a sense of relief – “Now we will be there soon!” Little did you know the person that told them how to get there was not sure either. This just leads to more circling.

We tend to think that if many people are following someone, that person must be the right one to follow. We do not always check to see whether or not they will lead us in the right direction.

Practice the leadership your team needs to be following

Your leadership is essential to drive staff and yourself to the best destination possible for your business success. Are you leading your staff with a solid sense of where you are going? Is your leadership coming from a misguided sense of direction? Does your leadership consist of continuously asking for direction coordinates? Are you leading successfully, or are you floundering?

The more I talk with shop owners and managers, the more leadership seems to be the turning point for them. Either they continue to lack leadership or they learn how to lead systemically.

There is a three layers cake analogy I want to share with you today. Layer One is Daily Operations. That is the timespan from when you get the customer’s keys until you give them back. Layer Two is Management. That’s when you manage your systems, and your systems manage your people. Layer Three is Leadership. All three layers are driven by processes and written systems. Staff are trained in these systems and followed up on to make sure proper execution is happening.

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