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Leaders: Know the Way, Go the Way, Show the Way.

Leaders: Know the Way, Go the Way, Show the Way.


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The ShopPros approach to leadership is based on 4 very basic principles that, when understood and used consistently, will move its members from Business Owners to Business Leaders. 


Here are the Principles: 



You must create and then implement systems addressing every element of your business.  While ShopPros supports the building blocks, you must choose which of these processes apply to your chosen business pathway. 



Your people must first know and then drive the systems.  People can't be managed.  



This is through a series of simple meetings and processes involving your entire team, but especially your Leadership team.  You'll become an effective leader.  Leadership is not hereditary - it is not dependent upon your personality traits, or your communication style.  Anyone can be a leader.  



No system is self-sustaining.  People need to be constantly assessed, coached or upgraded.  


There are 3 basic situations that must be recognized: 


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Each requires a different approach.  




Your Shop Operations Lead is your key coach for shop operations matters.  Normally this will be your foreman or lead tech.  

Your Sales Lead acts as a point for all systems pertaining to operation of the sales desk.  

Your Training Lead takes responsibility for ensuring all staff get the training they need.  This person doesn't do the training, but simply ensures every team member gets the necessary on-the-job training and "Maker Time". 


Automotive Coach Employee Leaderhsip 20 Group



ShopPros supplements job descriptions with this tool which maps a 90 day training plan for every employee.  




Many of the leadership processes need to focus on developing and perfecting the way you want to run your business.  Each process needs captured and refined - these processes are the blueprints of your business.  

ShopPros Management provides most of the building blocks, but you must choose the ones you want to use and whether you want to tweak them to suit your situation.  


Automotive Coach Employee Leaderhsip 20 Group


With strong leadership, you can have a shop on cruise control where systems are operating well with little intervention from the owner.  The goal is a systems-driven business that runs as well when the owner is not there as when they are.