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Retention Centre







Most repair shops have their service advisors performing every task that involves the customer. In this model, customer care can suffer dramatically as the advisors are pulled away from the customer to answer the telephone, set appointments, update vehicle status, cashier, follow-up and the list goes on and on.


Progressive shop owners today understand the importance of providing an incredible customer experience. They understand that future sales and customer retention are largely based on the experiences their clients have with the front counter.







This is a tough task when you realize that none of these customers want to be there in the first place. Something on their vehicle is broken or requires maintenance and it is an interruption to whatever they would rather be doing that day. Then when you start adding the irritations, such as not answering the phone, or being put on hold then sent the voicemail, many customers give up and call your competitor.




  • We believe the first contact with a new customer is the most important one.
  • We’re not trying to replace professional service advisors, just help them do what they do best, better.
  • Once we remove the routine and non-complex tasks from your front line, sales increase and the customer experience improves.
  • Our solution is almost always more cost effective then adding and training internal resources.